Marissa Tandon

Writer/Director & Voice of Harrison

Marissa Tandon loves LA (ask any of her college friends) and is pleased to be a writer and comedian amongst heatwaves and palm trees. She has previously trained at iO West, and has a degree in Writing for TV and Film (WTF??) from Emerson College. Her favorite hobbies include: sleeping, eating Oreos on a diet (they’re vegan, it counts), and thinly masking her own problems through “original projects” and “jokes.”

Miya Kodama

Voice of Anika

Fresno-born actress and writer Miya Kodama is easily recognizable by the Hot Cheeto stains on her fingers and pencil in her half-up ponytail. A Theatre graduate of the University of Southern California, Miya spent four years writing & performing sketch comedy with USC’s first sketch troupe: The Suspenders. Since stumbling into adulthood, she has studied at The Groundlings and written for the 2018 CBS Sketch Comedy Showcase. Currently, she spends her time drinking off-brand sparkling water and wondering if Ali Wong will ever read her requests to adopt her.

Lauren Bradley

Voice of Bailey

Lauren Bradley hails from the great state of Texas and has been acting and writing her entire life. As a child, her dad would call out emotions, and Lauren would throw herself into them full force until she was given the next one — it was her absolute favorite game. After a brief foray into journalism in college, Lauren moved out to LA with stars in her eyes. Since then, she’s worked both as a writer and an actor, with her most recent work being Spirit Riding Free for Dreamworks. Adult extra-curriculars include crafting, dogs, queso and Disneyland.

Jose Donado

Voice of Sean

Jose Donado is a Guatemalan born actor, writer, and director with a BA in Theatre from USC, as well as an alumnus of the British American Drama Academy. He is one half of the online comedy sketch series; Intelligent Design. He likes Rice Krispy Treats a little too much, and jogging not nearly enough. Spider-Man is his favorite super-hero. Napping is his favorite sport. And he hopes you’re doing really swell.

Eli Barraza

Voice of Heather

Eli Barraza is an LA based actor and creator. She has performed and written for a variety of other fiction podcasts including The Far Meridian and ars PARADOXICA. Highlights of her experience in other mediums include the play festival Shotz! LA and the multimedia experience LIMINUS. In her spare time, Eli learns about astronomy, climbs rocks, and wanders the wayward streets of Los Angeles and its outlying areas.

Jordan Dumbroff

Voice of Cole

Jordan Dumbroff is originally from New Jersey. He’s mostly focused on writing, but loves any opportunity to act in meaningful content. He’s so happy to be apart of this podcast, his second project acting in something that Marissa has created.

Michael Yapujian

Voice of Aiden

If you asked Michael’s friends to describe him, they’d say he’s loud, opinionated, and occasionally anxious. If you asked him to describe himself, he’d say he’s anxious, opinionated, and occasionally loud. But one thing they can all agree on is the pleasure he takes in working on Super Ordinary. It’s been nothing but a joy so far, and he can’t wait to see how long its wave can be ridden out. Michael’s a recent graduate of USC’s School of Dramatic Arts, and some of his favorite credits include Romeo and Juliet (Friar Laurence), You Can’t Take it With You (Paul Sycamore), and Mr. Burns: a post-electric play (Gibson). As always, thanks to his wonderful family and friends.

Alexandra Tandon

Voice of Max

Making her professional acting debut, Alexandra was previously on cast in high school plays and musicals such as Once Upon a Mattress, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and Oedipus Rex. Alexandra is a Los Angeles native, but is currently a college student at DePaul University in Chicago majoring in English, Creative Writing. She is very excited to be a part of Super Ordinary, and to give a voice to such a great character.

Danielle Shemaiah

Voice of Jen

Danielle Shemaiah is a storyteller, actor-combatant, and part-time gadgeteer hailing from the Southern Wilds of Louisiana. Known as something of a nomad, she currently splits her time between there, New York, and Los Angeles. Danielle is an Emerson College alum and currently lends her voice to “Ruth” in The Far Meridian, was a staff writer for ars PARADOXICA, and part of the creative team for the alternate reality game/immersive theatre project LIMINUS. Despite the Liberal Arts background, Danielle spends most of her free time tinkering with/lovingly engrossed in robotics, and will talk your ear off about the creative science of theme park technology, if given half the chance – In other words, Jen wouldn’t be caught dead hanging out with her, even if they do both have super powers.

Christina Raquel

 Voice of Andrea

Christina Raquel hasn’t acted since high school, but is honored to be a small part of real life superhero Marissa Tandon’s first podcast. When she’s not living the producer’s assistant life, she can be found eating Asian food, listening to Sara Bareilles, staring at Kristen Stewart, and/or on a plane to New York.

On Shiu

Voice of Justin

On Shiu likes pepperoni. He dislikes rum.  Previously: Our Town (Deaf West Theatre & Pasadena Playhouse); Nothing Is The Same (Sierra Madre Playhouse); Grimm Tales (Hollywood Fringe Festival); ars PARADOXICA (The Whisperforge).

David Bradburn

Voice of Train Conductor

David is super excited to be apart of this project. He hasn’t acted in any podcast before, nor has he acted in any official project at all, so he thought he would list some fun facts about himself. 1) He can quote Spongebob on a scary accurate level. 2) His favorite podcasts include Radio Lab, Nancy, Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, and S Town. 3) He is an absolute nerd for video games and the history of the Bible (Ask him about the Q Source!). He can’t wait for everyone to listen in and find out what happens on Super Ordinary, and hopes everyone absolutely loves the sexy, smart, and mysterious Train Conductor.